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Yeshivas Ohr Reuven

Background view

Yeshivas Ohr Reuven was founded in 1992, under the leadership of Rabbi Bezalel Rudinsky and Rabbi Benzion Brodie. The Yeshiva now includes an elementary school (Yeshiva Darchei Noam), Mesivta, Beis Medrash & Kollel program and stands as a pillar of Torah in the community. The yeshiva is located on a sprawling 14 acre campus in Wesley Hills, NY.

The Yeshiva expects that all Talmidim

  • Will learn for life with Simcha!
  • Will be challenged to the highest level
  • Will grow in a warm & nurturing environment
  • Will develop a real sense of Ahavas Hashem and Ahavas Yisrael
  • Will be prepared to excel in whichever endeavor they choose


The kodesh department is very challenging and demands top performance from all Talmidim. The Yeshiva's focus is to imbue the students with a lifelong love for learning and Middos Tovos.  Talmidim are trained to be well-rounded in all aspects of learning; including Gemara B’Iyun, Bekias, Halacha, Hashkafa, Chumash and Nach.  The Yeshiva’s annual Siyum Hashana marks the completion of the Yeshiva Masechta by many of our Talmidim.


The secular studies department has a serious academic program and demands top performance from all students. Special emphasis is placed on critical thinking and writing skills. There is an honors program for students who excel in all areas of study. College credits are offered to students during their high school years.


Faculty view

Rabbi Bezalel Rudinsky
Rosh Yeshiva

Rabbi Benzion Brodie
Sgan Rosh Yeshiva

Rabbi Ari Medetsky

Rabbi Bentzion Bamberger

Rabbi Raphael Vilinsky
Sgan Menahel

Rabbi Menachem Apter
Rabbi Dovid Apter
Rabbi Bentzion Bamberger 
Rabbi Yisroel Gottlieb 
Rabbi Dovid Kram
Rabbi Noam Lazarus
Rabbi Yaakov Y. Scheinberg
Rabbi Dovid Stefansky
Rabbi Raphael Vilinsky

English Principal:
Mr. Boruch Rudinsky

Associate Principal:
Rabbi Yisroel Gottlieb

Assistant Principal:
Rabbi Zev Fuchs

Mr. Dovid Yosef Berman

Night Seder Rebbeim:
Rabbi Avrohom Flam
Rabbi Binyomin Reiser
Rabbi Shea Steinberg