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Yeshivas Ohr Reuven

The Yeshivas Ohr Reuven audio library was first digitized in 2003, and automated for online use in 2007. We currently have around 8,000 catalogued and digitized since 2003.  The technology has changed significantly since this time, and we are now in the process of redoing the website and revamping the entire audio library system. A fundraising campaign has been spearheaded by R’ Aaron Spivak.

Funds collected from the fundraising effort have gone towards the following:

  • Website hosting and hardware
  • Development platforms, testing and debugging devices
  • New computers for hosting shiurim and development
  • Backup system
  • Server components and licenses

As of December 2014, the iOS App has been completed and cleared for release. The new website is currently in beta testing mode at www.ohrreuvenaudio.com. The Android App is still under development.

We would like to thank all those that have contributed towards this project:

  • Yehuda Koblick
  • Elie Rubin
  • Joseph Levi
  • Aaron Spivak
  • Rafi Merl
  • Zev Fuchs
  • Donny Weinraub
  • Sholom Kopstick
  • Mordechai Okalica
  • Abraham Florans
  • Shaul Feinsod
  • Eliezer Hirsch
  • Moishe Deutsch
  • Misha Bass
  • Simcha Levi
  • Efrem Kleinberg
  • Jacob Lapidus
  • Eli Shulman
  • Benjamin Frenkel
  • Ari Weiss